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Comparing with incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and CFL grow light, LED grow light used for flowering has great advantages, and it is your best choice:

 1. 90% energy saving, in other words, 9times electrical saving than traditional grow light.

2. 50000hrs lifespan, can greatly reduce the operating costs of growers.

3. Less heat when lighting on, can be closed to plants, maximize absorption of fill light

4. Professional lighting distribution, fill light according to the plant needs, improve lighting quality and consistency, to promote flowering.

5. Easy installation. Adopt E26 or E27 lamp base, can replace the traditional grow light without any changes. 

We provide 4 different spectrum versions for LED flowering light

 A1: Provides a combination spectrum of deep red &white light, that inhibits the flowering of short-day plants, such as the fill light of chrysanthemums;

 A2: Provides a combination spectrum of deep red/white/infrared light , extend the light time or interrupt the dark cycle to promote the elongation of the stem of the strawberry and stimulate the flowering. Suitable for Photoperiod illumination of flowerbed plants and perennials.

 A3: Provides a spectrum of infrared light, extend the daylight period to obtain more growth, or shorten the night cycle to obtain faster harvesting ability, promote stem elongation and seed germination, suitable to be used fill light in the environment without infrared light;

 A4: Provides a spectrum of ultraviolet light, stimulate the growth of plants, increase crop yield, promote the synthesis of protein, sugar, acid; increase the germination rate of seeds; at the same time have disinfection and sterilization, reduce plant diseases, inhibit plant elongation or prevent plants from growing up, it can be used in environments where there is no UV light.

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